FINA Communication Department

Chongqing Municipality in China is set to play host to the FINA Diving World Conference 2018 for Coaches & Judges, from February 1-3.

The conference programme unfolds over three days and will review some key aspects of the working methodologies for both coaches and judges in diving.

The learning process and talent detection will be on the agenda, while new rules and regulations will be discussed in depth.

The various dive and their respective scoring system are key topics for this upcoming conference, gathering the most important stakeholders of the discipline.

Ahead of the Diving World Conference FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione said: "The success of diving is today a reality and our major competitions are highlighted by the beauty of this highly-skilled discipline.
The commitment and hard work of our Stars, the experience and knowledge of our coaches and the quality of judging are crucial aspects that contribute to the success of this sport."

The Conference will be concluded with a cocktail and dinner party organised by China Swimming Association.