FINA Communication Department

Aquatic sports fans worldwide came together on July 1-2 to celebrate the first ever edition of the FINA World Aquatics Day, an initiative aimed at gathering non-elite athletes – children, young swimmers, occasional or regular competitors in aquatic disciplines, the Masters enthusiasts – with a common objective: to enjoy aquatic physical activity!

Many National Federations responded positively to the initiative by organising their own aquatic activity in their local pools, rivers, lakes and open seas, choosing one or many FINA’s six disciplines.

The Swimming Federation of Morocco (MAR) organised a competition in the country’s capital, Rabat, which they named “Coupe du Trône de Natation & Journée Mondiale des activités aquatiques de la FINA”.

Haiti (HAI), in the Caribbean, organised a series of events in different cities across the island, as well as presentation about the sport to create awareness about water safety and the benefit of aquatic sports.

Following the weekend, The Fédération Haitienne des Sports Aquatiques et de Sauvetage has committed to celebrate the World Aquatic Day every year on the first Sunday of the month of July.

The Swimming Federation of Latvia and the Palau Swimming Association also shared photos of their Day.

Many other Federations took part in the celebrations, please see the complete list below.

Afghanistan - AFGHANISTAN 07 JUL Kabora Swimming Pool in Kabul
Austria - AUSTRIA 02 JUL Indoor Pool Floridsdorf
Bahamas - BAHAMAS 01 JUL Nassau
Cambodia - CAMBODIA 01 - 02 JUL Caracol Sports Club in Phnom Penh ; swimming pool of Kampongcham Province
Canada - CANADA 01 JUL Social media platforms
Djibouti - DJIBOUTI 7 JUL Djibouti Beaches
Gambia - GAMBIA 07 JUL Banjul
Georgia - GEORGIA 2 JUL Tbilisi
Haiti - HAITI 02 - 03 JUL Port-au-Prince
India - INDIA 01 - 02 JUL Pune
Ireland - IRELAND 06 JUL Dublin, National Indoor Arena
Ireland - IRELAND 19 JUL Dublin
Kosovo - KOSOVO 01 - 07 JUL 7 municipalities of Kosovo
Latvia - LATVIA 30 JUN - 01 JUL Rezekne
Morocco - MOROCCO 02 JUL Rabat
Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE 01 JUL Lhanguene neighborhood, Maputo
Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE 03 - 07 JUL Physical Education Colleges, Maputo
Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE 03-14 JUL Maputo
Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE 15 JUL Raimundo Franisse Swimming Pool, Maputo and Beira
Nepal - NEPAL 02 JUL Lalitpur & Kathmandu
Palestine - PALESTINE 01 JUL West Bank
Palau - PALAU 01 JUL Meyons Ramp at Seaplane
Papua New Guinea - PAPUA NEW GUINEA 1 JUL Taurama Aquatic Centre, Port Moresby
Portugal - PORTUGAL 08 - 09 JUL Condeixa-a-Nova
Portugal - PORTUGAL 30 JUN - 02 JUL Cascais
Democratic People's Republic of Korea - DPR Korea 02 JUL Taedong River of Pyongyang
Sierra Leone - SIERRA LEONE 30 JUN - 02 JUL Siaka Stevens Stadium Swimming Pool Complex, Freetown
Syrian Arab Republic - SYRIA 07 - 08 JUL Tartous and Lattakia
United States of America - USA 01 - 02 JUL Social media platforms
United States of America - USA 30 JUN - 08 JUL Riverside
United States of America - USA 01 - 02 JUL


Social Media platforms
Uzbekistan - UZBEKISTAN  01-02 JUL Samarkand
Vanuatu - VANUATU 01 JUL Port Vila seafront
Yemen - YEMEN 06 JUL Aden, Goldmore beach