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FINA World Aquatics Day 2020


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In January 2016, during the FINA Bureau Meeting held in Budapest, Hungary, a worldwide aquatic day was recognized to celebrate the aquatic sports around the world on a common day. The FINA World Aquatics Day is a day to celebrate and encourage the power of aquatic sports for social wellbeing and development in all corners of the world. It will be celebrated every year during the first weekend of July, before July 19th - the date of the foundation of FINA in London 1908, marking each year the anniversary of FINA.


The main objective is to encourage the masses around the globe to participate in physical activity in water; whether in pools, rivers, lakes or the open seas. Millions of people worldwide, indoor or outdoor, united with a common objective: to enjoy aquatic physical activity!


The annual event will offer an opportunity to promote the aquatic sports on a national and international level and increase the level of physical activity on all five continents. It will offer an opportunity to enhance and build on the work that is being carried out by FINA’s programme Swimming for All – Swimming for Life. It will also provide a notable platform to reinforce collaboration between FINA’s 208 National Member Federations. Thanks to the FINA World Aquatics Day the aquatic sports’ visibility in the media and the attractiveness of aquatics among youth will be raised significantly. In order to promote and popularize this initiative, a Commission was created within FINA Bureau and all the National Federations have been invited to conduct a particular event to underline the value of Aquatics and increase the physical activity around the World.


Cameroon - CMR Fédération Camerounaise de Natation
Gambia - GAM Gambia Swimming & Sport Aquatics Ass.
Ghana - GHA Ghana Swimming Association
Ecuatorial Guinea - GEQ Federacion Ecuatoguineana de Natacion
Nigeria - NGR Nigeria Aquatics Federation
Senegal - SEN Fédération Sénégalaise de Natation
Uganda - UGA Uganda Amateur Swimming Ass.
United Republic of Tanzania - TAN Tanzania Swimming Association
Zimbabwe - ZIM Zimbabwe Aquatic Union
Canada - CAN Water Polo Canada
Costa Rica - CRC Fed. Costarricense de Nat. y Afines
Haiti - HAI Association Haïtienne de Natation, et de Sauvetage
El Salvador - ESA Federacion Slavadorena de Deportes Acuaticos
Nepal - NEP Nepal Swimming Association
Palestine - PLE Palestinian Swimming Federation
Tajikistan - TJK Swimming Federation of Tajikistan
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste - TLS National Swimming Federation of Timor Leste
Cyprus - CYP Cyprus Swimming Federation
Hungary - HUN Hungarian Swimming Association
Ireland - IRL Swim Ireland
Latvia - LAT Swimming Federation of Latvia
Lithuania - LTU Lithuanian Swimming Federation
North Macedonia - MKD Swimming Federation of North Macedonia
Netherlands - NED Koninklijke Nederlandse Zwembond
New Zealand - NZL Diving New Zealand