Seychelles The Republic of Seychelles technically has 1.4million km², of it, which leaves this little paradise with quite a bit to play with. While activities such as sailing, diving, snorkeling, island hopping – and the likes are far from being unheard from, there’s still much more to explore about what its ocean can offer its people and visitors.


The beauty of the Seychelles Islands is comparable to very few other places. The make-up of these 115 granitic and coralline islands started around 65 million years ago, when they started to break away from the Super Continent Pangaea and drifted to the Indian Ocean to become, what is now known as the Seychelles Islands. Located exactly 4° south of the Equator, the total landmass of all the islands combined amount to a mere 459km², with Mahé taking up over 30% of that.

Victoria is the capital city catering for the country’s commercial, economic, cultural and political needs in terms of offices. Its small size helps it retain a rustic atmosphere though impressive skyscrapers (by the islander’s standards) have been on the rise in recent years. A lively market atmosphere, a 100-year old Clock Tower, minimal presence of traffic lights, a few restaurants and a well-manicured botanical gardens close by are some of the many attractions the smallest capital city in the world has to offer.

As a result of its unique geological history, the Seychelles islands are home to many distinct plants, animals and fungi, 7,200 species of all three have been recorded to date. Environmental protection has been on top of the country’s agenda resulting in several nature reserves and national parks in order to ensure the survival of endangered species. The islands, with their giant tortoises, the Coco de Mer, the black parrot, the smallest frog in the world and so much more, will totally fascinate any nature lover.

Equally fascinating, is the make-up of its people, the population of which is yet to hit the 100,000 mark. Descendants of African, European and Asian settlers and merchants, the Seychelles Islands is known as a melting pot of nations living together harmoniously. The bulk of the population is spread out over three islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.