Roberval is a picturesque town of 10 000 inhabitants located in Canada (in the province of Québec), about 500 km north of Montreal.  Visitors are sure to find an enchanting environment and a warm welcome in this safest of cities, situated directly on the shores of majestic lake Saint-Jean!


Roberval promises an enjoyable stay with the legendary hospitality and openness of its people toward visitors. Let’s remind that the city has been cheering swimmers from around the world each summer since 1955, with the annual presentation of the legendary Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean.

Over the years, the Traversée’s OC has successfully staged many FINA events in Roberval. Among them : the Long Distance Swimming World Cup in 1992,  the 6th FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships in 2010, an annual leg of the FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series (32 km) since 1999 and also one of the FINA Marathon Swim World Series (10 km) since its beginning in 2007.


During the last week of July, Roberval comes alive and sways to the rhythm of activities sur-rounding the open water competitions. Numerous  cultural and family-oriented events allow the local population and visitors a chance to celebrate the event while having fun!

The Roberval region is renowned for its rich francophone cultural heritage and a variety of beautiful and surprising touristic attractions.