Sanya City (CHN)

Bringing with the official city-card of “Forever Tropical Paradise”, Sanya is a tropical paradise featuring great beaches and lots of sunshine. This leisurely holiday destination is worth visiting any time of the year.

Sanya Location (CHN)

Sanya is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China.  With six gorgeous bays, it boasts the best white-sand beach and turquoise sea water in Asia. This coastal city is nestling among hills, with two quiet rivers running through it. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in China during this period, the city was selected to host the FINA World Aquatics Gala and Awards Dinner “Soirée des Etoiles”.

Clear sky in Sanya (CHN)

Clear Water for Swimming and Diving

Sanya is China’s only tropical city and has unforgettable charm. This rich, tropical paradise has a unique ethnic culture, a mild climate and has lush tropical scenery. These wonderful natural features are just some of the precious gifts that Sanya must offer. In this beautiful and peaceful resort, you can dive into the clear blue ocean and play in the waves, swim amongst the coral reefs and the vibrantly colored fish.


Diving in Sanya (CHN)



Sanya is a coastal city with tourism and real estate as the two pillar industries. Service industries, transportation, hotel, catering and related industries play an important role in Sanya’s economy.

In recent years due to an increasing flow of tourism, Sanya City now has over one hundred luxury hotels, with an annual reception capacity over 10 million people. Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Yue Yong Zhuang are just some of the names of Intercontinental hotel chains that have settled in Sanya’s tourist resort area. It has become the most important destination for golf and meetings in China.

Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Marina






Each year Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Marina receives about 120 international cruise ships from all over the world.



Sanya Phoenix International Airport is 11 kilometers northwest of Sanya city center, only a 20-minute drive from the downtown area. There are 32 international destinations available including cities in Japan and South Korea. It is only one-hour flight from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, 2.5 hours flight from Shanghai, 3.5 hours flight from Beijing and 6 hours flight from Japan and South Korea.

Hainan East Ring Express Railway:

Taking an express train from Haikou East Railway Station to Sanya takes only 120 minutes. Visitors can jump on a train at Meilan Railway Station (300m from the airport). The ring connects Sanya with Wenchang, Qionghai, Bo’ao, Wanning and Lingshui in Hainan.

Hainan West Ring Express Railway:

Hainan West Ring Railway connects Sanya with Haikou, then connects to the mainland. Direct trains have been opened from Sanya to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places.


 Sanya Duty-free Shop

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