The FINA Aquatics World Magazine is the official bimonthly magazine of the Fédération Internationale de Natation. Launched in January 2010, it features exclusive interviews of stars in Aquatics and leading figures, in-depth analysis by experts and the media in FINA's six disciplines - Swimming, Water polo, Diving, Synchronised swimming, Open water and High diving.


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FINA Aquatics World Magazine offers its advertisers a unique opportunity: exposure in the 203 FINA member countries of the world, both in printed and online format. Not just one country, not just one continent, not just one language territory: this is the genuine meaning of ‘global reach‘. At the moment, the online edition has ca.  1.6 million readers!

We offer all this to our partners at quite favourable prices, each advertising price refers  in fact to a package containing both an advertisement in the printed version and a flash one in the online edition.


                  Package advertising prices 2020 (static ads and flash ads)
  1x* 2x* 4x* 6x - total price for 6 pages
back cover page 0 0 0 13700
inside cover page 0 0 0 10950
first page 3000 2750 2400 13400
1/1 page 1850 1750 1550 9100
2/3 page 1400 1130 1000 5400
1/2 page 1100 855 770 4140
1/3 page 770 620 535 2820
1/4 page 535 445 380 1800
2 page spread 3000 2400 2100 11400


* represents the price of advertising in 1 edition (including one static ad in the printed edition and one flash ad in the online edition)

Note 1: the cover pages and first page are already bought
Note 2: all prices are in EUR

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