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Successful FINA Swimming Clinic for coaches in St Kitts & Nevis As part of its wide all-yearlong development programme, FINA assisted the St Kitts & Nevis Swimming Federation (West Indies, Caribbean) to host a FINA certified swimming clinic for coaches and instructors, a first on the island, from May 20-24, 2015. The programme’s aim was to introduce coaches to the four swimming disciplines and their teaching methods involving 12 local children yet to learn how to swim. A particular attention was given to freestyle. The five training sessions of one hour each took place in the ocean and on the beach as the island isn’t equipped with a swimming pool for the moment.

The ultimate objective of such programme is to teach young children how to swim, providing the new coaches and instructors with the tools to start their own programmes using what they have learned from the professionals.
The island registers an alarming 98% of the population being unable to swim which justifies for FINA to invest in this critical course as part of its commitment to the community.  

 Swimming Clinic for coaches in Kitts & Nevis

Palestine Swimming Federation organises landmark FINA Clinic for Swimming Officials

From May 11-19, 2015, 46 intermediate-level swimming officials headed to Palestine to attend a FINA Clinic hosted by Salem K. Al-Hasaw, a Kuwait Swimming Association representative.

FINA Clinic for Swimming Officials participants

The swimming officials were updated about the latest development in competition management and facility equipment in the region. The goal was to inform the officials with the latest trends to reach the world-class standards when organising events under the FINA’s rules.

Organisers stressed the importance of regularly meeting with the swimming officials in this part of the world and further develop their knowledge in swimming standards.

Amsterdam reports on FINA Diving Judges Certification Course

The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation held, from April 17-19, 2105, a diving certification course in Amsterdam (NED) providing intense in depth information about the following topics: pathway to become an elite FINA judge in diving; the sport’s philosophy and Golden Rules; the element of the dive; the synchronised diving judging system; the referee duties.

The course was attended by 11 highly-motivated local participants and 7 international participants coming from Great Britain, Switzerland, Qatar and India.
All participants successfully passed the certification course with an average of 95% correct answers.

FINA deeply believes that the diving certification course is an essential tool to globalise the sport and extend its popularity within the younger generations.

FINA Diving Judges Certification Course participants in Amsterdam (NED)