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Barcelona has been the cradle of water sports in Catalonia and Spain. The oldest clubs were founded here; the majority of water sports enthusiasts and federated license holders live here and we have hosted numerous prestigious international competitions. When speaking specifically about artístic swimming, we have a long-standing tradition with outstanding clubs which have claimed the most important titles. This surely has something to do with our Mediterranean nature and our innovative and cosmopolitan spirit, that is receptive to the tendencies which have marked the evolution of this sport.

Barcelona lives and loves sports in a way that few cities do. Not only because of the leading clubs and competitions we host, but also because of the strong network of entities and federations located in our city, as well as the vast number of people who’ve made sports an integral part of their lives.

For all these reasons, Barcelona, as a Mediterranean, sports and cosmopolitan city, is proud to host the Superfinal of Artistic Swimming World Series 2021.