FINA has conducted 1670 tests in 2008, 1012 of these were completed out-of-competition.


  Unannounced Out-of-Competition                       In Competition
  By country By country
   Africa 30 Africa 21
  Americas 246 Americas 114
  Asia 143 Asia 87
  Europe 468 Europe 360
  Oceania 125 Oceania 62
 TOTAL          1'012 658


Out of competition testing (OOCT)
The FINA Unannounced Out-of-Competition Testing Programme 2008 (January-September) included 670 swimmers from 50 nationalities making a total of 1012 tests. This total also includes some tests conducted in collaboration with the World Anti-doping Agency.

In competition testing (INCOMP)
491 swimmers from 52 nationalities were tested in competition with the occasion of the FINA Competitions during the period January – September 2008 making a total of 658 tests.


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